Breast lift; with or without implants to achieve desired look? What is the best option? (Photos)

Have lost 100 pounds. I want a few procedures done but I am having trouble on deciding on just a lift or a lift with implants. I want them to be high and perky without a bra on and I see some just lifts that look saggy still. What is the best?

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Breast lift; with or without implants to achieve desired look?

First, let me congratulate you on losing 100 pounds. That is a feat that many people want to achieve, but few do. You are on your way to a more healthful life. The photo that you furnished demonstrates that your nipples point downward indicating that you definitely need an uplift. The question is whether you also need a small implant to give you the volume in the upper part of your breast.  It's possible to achieve this fullness with an auto-augmentation mastopexy. It appears that you do have enough volume for this procedure. The procedure uses the lower portion of your breast to slide under the upper portion, thus giving it fullness. You still have the anchor type scars of a mastopexy, but you also have more fullness as if you had a small implant. With your photographs is difficult to see what the upper pole looks like because your arms are covering the upper pole. Also there are no side views. I suggest a consultation with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon who can examine you and suggest your best options.  Thank you view question and photographs and best of luck to you.

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Lift with or without implants

to get a perky look and upper pole fullness, I usually use an implant along with a lift. I seldom do a lift without an implant, unless the patient just wants a mild improvement. Your breasts seem to have enough volume to where  you may not need an implant
Best to consult with an experienced PS to review photos and undergo a complete exam. 
Good luck!

Michael Orseck, MD
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Must be realistic

You have to have realistic expectations and the picture you show makes me concerned. Please see a board certified plastic surgeon and look at before and after photos of patients who start like you. I think you can have a nice result but you will not look like the picture shown since you need a lift. Good Luck!

Gregory T. Lynam, MD
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Breast lift and implant or just lift

You have enough tissue to have just a breast lift.This would be a big improvement over your present situation. However if you want more volume or a lot of upper pole fullness, then you may want to add implants at the same time. Good luck.

Scott W. Vann, MD, FACS
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Breast lift

From your photos, you seem to have a fair amount of breast tissue already. You should be able to get a very nice result with just a breast lift. If you'd like to increase your breast size you could do so easily at the same time with an implant. Be sure to express your goals and expectations with your chosen surgeon. Good luck! 

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I think you would do great with just a lift

You can always go back later and add an implant if necessary, but it looks like you have plenty of tissue to create a beautiful, perky breast with the right technique and the right surgeon.  Consult with board certified plastic surgeons that do a lot of work in the weight loss population and get incredible breast results.  Breast lifts shouldn't still look saggy- you just haven't found the right surgeon for you yet.  Hope this helps.

J. Garrett Harper, MD
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Breast Surgery Options

Breast lift surgery reshapes the breast for a pleasing cosmetic result.  Based on your photos you appear to have a good amount of breast volume.  You may consider an implant to add projection.  Discuss your options with a board certified plastic surgeon.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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