Eyelid surgery and swollen face. (photos)

I have had eyelid surgery on Wednesday. I took the tape Thr was there over the torches off today as it HD dried blood and it was itchy. My face is very swollen - what can I do to reduce the swelling?

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It is not unusual to have the degree of swelling you are showing.  It is always best to share your concerns with the surgeon's office.  Swelling is usually your way of healing.  Swelling would be concerning if it was getting worse, more painful, redness, or having a temperature.  There are some options to help reduce swelling at this point.  These options vary amongst surgeons.  In other words some surgeons recommend one thing and others may disagree.  It is best to contact the surgeon's office and ask for guidance.  Congratulations on your decision for surgery and best wishes for a faster recovery.

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