Is there any way to open missing molar gaps to make room for implants with partial (molars only) braces?

I am 36 now and I had 3 molars extracted 15 years ago, one on each side lower and one upper right. The left side that has all teeth on top has kept the gap in the bottom open since the teeth interlock. The right side, where both top and bottom are missing one molar, the gaps have been closing. Is there a way to do localized braces just to open the two gaps on the right side to make room for implants? My smile is fine.

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Its possible

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Congratulations on making a decision to take replace those missing teeth. 

 It is difficult to open up the gaps for future implants with orthodontic bands only on the molars. We usually have to use all the teeth to upright molars because of the nature of the roots and the size of molars. 

Orthodontic bands and finger springs or coils have been used to hold molar spaces or slight uprighting for young children as the teeth are erupting and developing but unfortunately they don't work quite as well for adults

Without seeing your exact case it's hard to say, but there may be other options that you may want to discuss with your dentist that may be an alternative to full braces

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