Have I got gum recession? (Photo)

I've recently noticed that the gumline on a couple of my teeth seems to be a little high (when comparing to the teeth on the other side). Should both sides of the mouth be symmetrical? The teeth I think it may be on are my left maxillary first and second molars and my right mandibular first molar. I've added pictures below. I'm really worried:( Thanks in advance for any help.

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Gum Recession

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You might have areas of minor gum recession but if I go based on the images provided, there is not enough to be concerned. There seems to be enough of the good protective gum tissue surrounding the tooth (attached gingiva)  that the likelihood of further recession could be minimal. Of course, please visit a periodontist for an evaluation to see what other contributing factors could be identified.

Gum recession

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you have very minimal gum recession on the tooth in the picture. 

At this point you do not need any treatment since you still have a good band if thik gum tissue remaining 

you should have the sites monitored by   your dentist 

if there is progression of recession then you might have to get treated with gum graft 

causes of gum recession are 
- orthodontic tooth movement 
- aggressive brushing 
- smoking 
- gum disease
- occlusal / bite problems 

Elly Tehrani, DMD, MSD
Toronto Periodontist
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