Do I have gum recession? (photos)

My lower canines are quite prominent, therefore I do not know if my gum is receding on these teeth or if this is simply where my gum like should be due to the position of my teeth. I'm an 18 year old female.

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Teeth position

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Your gums are not receding. The lower canines are more prominent due to the alignment/position of your lower front teeth. You might want to consider orthodontic treatment like braces or Invisalign to align your teeth.
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Gum Recession

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I would suggest that you have a consultation with both an orthodontist and a periodontist to determine the best plan of action for you. I do believe that your case will require comprehensive treatment and a team approach. You may have slight gingival recession but what seems to be more important is to identify the factors that are contributing to it and treat them according.

Recession or not?

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Your roots are not showing in these pics so you do not have recession. Sometimes some crowns of teeth look longer then others giving the impression of recession but the teeth are healthy 

Herbert Veisman, DDS
Toronto Periodontist

Gums Don't Seem to Be Receding

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Receding gums can pose a risk to your overall oral health and dental comfort, in addition to affecting your appearance. It's wise to be concerned about this, but based on your photos it doesn't appear that your gums are receding. It seems that the position of your teeth is the reason for their prominence. If this is an aesthetic concern, you can consider scheduling a consultation with an orthodontist to learn your treatment options. Good luck to you.

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