6 and a half week post gyno op, one of my nipples looks awful? Why is it so big and pointy 24/7? (Photos)

As you can see, one side isnt to bad but the other is small large and pointy?! Why? Its been like this since the op!

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Scar around areola

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You should show your surgeon the scar developing and ask him his preference for treatment. Sometimes silicone sheeting or even dilute steroid injections can help.

Gynecomastia surgery

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There is likely to be residual swelling at 6 weeks post-op, so I recommend that you be patient for the time being.  You should feel free to discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon.


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Thank you for your question and photos.  It is difficult to assess your results without photos of you before surgery.  Given that you are only about 6 weeks post-op though you are still in what I consider to be the healing process.  Please be patient and seek out the advice of your operating surgeon as you continue to move forward in the healing process.

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Miami, FL 

Gynecomastia surgery: nipple size postop

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 Six weeks is still fairly early and healing time, it can take up to nine weeks for swelling to go down. If you still are unsatisfied with the appearance after sometime it is best to schedule a follow-up examination with your surgeon so he can feel the area and give a more accurate recommendation. 

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