Bone graft due to trauma to my front teeeth. The result was this black triangle from gum loss. How should it be fixed? (Photo)

Bone graft was completed. Had gum loss after the procedure resulting in black triangle. The rest of my mouth/gums have always been healthy. The bone loss was from a trauma of taking a softball to my mouth 20 yrs ago.

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Black triangle look from gum and bone tissue recession

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The black triangle is a difficult problem to fix. It is caused by loss of bone and soft tissue atrophy that follows. Bone and gum grafts are unpredictable treatment options. One approach that may work is orthodontic eruption of involved teeth in attempting eruption or leveling the bone. Then restorative options can complement to close the triangle. Talk to a proshtodontist and an orthodontist on this possibility. 

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Black triangle

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Dr. Kazemi is absolutely right.   The only predictable way to fix your problem is by orthodontically erupting the teeth to the side of the black triangle  and then trimming the teeth hope proper proportion which also might necessitate fabrication of porcelain veneers. Talk to a prosthodontist, who is the expert in this area.

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