Front crowns on teeth #7-10, feel bulky Everyone says they look fine, but they don't feel completely natural. Suggestion?(photo)

just got my permanent all porcelain crowns cemented on my four front teeth. When the dentist showed me, they appeared fine. However I had gauze sticks holding up my upper lip, so I couldn't really tell. But today, a day later, being able to try them out.. I feel like my front teeth are like chiclet gums. They feel very bulky/thick. They fall right on my bottom lip, &push my upper lip out some. I paid $4,400 cash so I do want to be 100% happy. Should my dentist be able to shape them down?

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Thick crowns

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Thanks for posting the pictures. It is a little bit difficult to determine if they are bulky based on the pictures. If you aren't happy you should contact the dentist and explain your concerns. They want you to be happy. The dentist can do minimal reshaping but it may be necessary to remake the crowns to accomplish your goals. Next time have the dentist cement the crowns temporarily and live with them for a few weeks before you decide if you like them. This will allow you to have the numbness wear off and examine them at home. If you love them great. If you don't it is easy to pop them off and make changes. 

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