Tips for muscular ladies on how to get Breast Implants to drop properly?

Hi - I had my BA done about a week ago and am now doing the displacement exercises and using a compression band to aid in dropping, because my surgeon told me that I had a tight chest wall and developed muscles (I am into weight lifting so that's not really a surprise to me). I'm following his instructions but I'd love to know if there is anything more that I could be doing to make sure they drop properly? Or even how often to do the massages? Thanks!

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Implant settling after breast augmentation in weight lifters.

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Breast implants settle at different rates. Smooth implant settle in a month or two but textured implants can take longer (3-4 months) sometimes.

The problem with weight lifters is rarely that the implants are too high. It is frequently that the implants are forced downward and outward by the constant forceful contractions of the chest muscles (pectoralis). This causes the cleavage to widen and the implants to fall toward the patients arm pits when she is lying on her back. 

Tips for muscular ladies on how to get Breast Implants to drop properly

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I would follow your doctors advice.  Only he or she knows exactly how the implants were positioned.  Give them a few months because it is common for the muscle to stretch and the implants to fall into a more natural position.  6 days is very early in the process.

Christopher Costanzo, MD
Thousand Oaks Plastic Surgeon
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Drop and Fluff

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Unfortunately, you have been told erroneous information by your surgeon. Tight or well developed muscles do not inhibit implant drop and fluff; if anything they accelerate it and can cause drop out if exercise is instituted too early. In reality, your skin may be an issue if it is tight and you have chosen an inappropriately sized implant, which can cause incomplete or unpredictable drop and fluff. However, bands and implant massage have not been shown to be effective in changing or improving this. In fact, implant massage does not prevent or treat capsular contracture, and is not necessary in any aspect of normal healing. So, you may stop. Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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