Is it possible to be reversing undesirable surgical changes to the nose?

7 weeks ago I had revision rhinoplasty to repair some minor things caused by an injury to my nose. But I am very unhappy with what was done. The surgeon added cartilage to the tip, which does not look natural and is not symmetrical. My nose is too big for my very angular jawline and makes me much less attractive when I smile. I want to know if these things done to my nose can be reversed? I would gladly go back to the way my nose was before this revision rhinoplasty was done.

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Timing of Revision Rhinoplasty, Reversing Undesirable Changes

Fortunately cartilage that has been added to the nose can always be removed. Corrective surgery is possible as long as the nasal skin remains healthy. Healthy skin has minimal scar tissue and a robust circulation. In your case, I would caution against acting too quickly. I would try to remain patient and give your nose sufficient time to heal and for the swelling to fully subside. Communicate with your surgeon. Inform them of your concerns and allow them to guide you as to the timing of any revision surgery. Seven weeks is not a long time for healing after Rhinoplasty. Best of luck.

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Reversing rhinoplasty changes

You are only 7 weeks postop from your revision and are in the early stages of healing. You likely still have a large amount of swelling throughout the nose, especially since this was a revision rhinoplasty which is a known risk factor for persistent edema. The nose will continue to get smaller over time, though it is difficult to predict how much smaller from its current state. It is usually recommended for patients to wait about a year before considering a revision since most of the swelling has decreased by this time. I would recommend closely following up with your rhinoplasty surgeon so they can monitor the changes and address any concerns that you have along the way. Best of luck.

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It is very easy to revert or to correct the result of tip grafts, however I would way about 8-12 months to avoid complications.

Next time try to achieve an accurate communication with the surgeon.

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Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure aimed at changing the shape of the area of the body and improving the looks.
because of the elective nature of the surgery, the physician choice is very important, the proper qualifications, not the cheapest price, the interaction of the patient and physician personality, approach is very important.
this is a partnership between the physician and patient. Therefore the patient needs to communicate what they want and the physician has the obligation to tell the patient what procedure and what will be done . There might be various scenarios as t the possible procedure technique depending on the findings at surgery.

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