How soon before surgery can I change the size? Surgery is 07/07/16. (Photo)

I am 28 y/o, 5'4", athletic/muscular and weight about 150lbs. I carry a lot of weight in my butt and thighs. I disagree w/my surgeon on the size. He suggests 350-385 moderate profile gummy bear implants. The absolute largest he'll go is 415. I think, at least, I need 415 moderate plus profile but he's so adamant that anything above what he recommended is too big. I want them to "blend in" with my curves but be big like rap video big...LOL

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Best implant size

Without seeing you in person it is hard to say what size implant is appropriate for your body. Did you consult with any other plastic surgeons to see if they gave you the same advice as the surgeon you are speaking about? If not, I would recommend consulting with a few other surgeons to see if they all agree that the 350-385 cc implants are best, or if some think more ccs is appropriate for you. Also, you should trust your surgeon 100% before having surgery with him/her. If you do not trust their recommendations, that may be an indicator that you should find another surgeon. It is very very important that patients and surgeons are on the same page before surgery and have the same goals for the breast augmentation results. 

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Want to change my implant size

If you disagree with your surgeon you should seek another opinion from a PS.  To carry through with the operation when both of you disagree will probably lead to unhappiness after the procedure.

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Breast Implant Sizing


Although achieving a patient's aesthetic goals are important, it should not be prioritized above biodimensional analysis and determination of maximum anatomic capacity.  I don't know what was done in this regard, but if your surgeon has made an (hopefully) objective determination based on direct measurements that 415 cc is the largest, then it would not be advisable to go bigger. Going beyond objectively determined anatomic capacity increases the risk of complications. 

Best of luck!

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Selection of implant size appropriate for your body

Thanks for your question.  Without examining you in person it is impossible to give you an accurate opinion regarding what size implant is appropriate.  You must realize however that there is a limit to how large an implant can be before your skin starts to resist expansion and your result becomes far less natural.  Please watch the video above to help you in making your decision and to help understand some of the risks of going to too large an implant.

In my three decades of experience I found the best way to decide on an implant is to assess the patient's goals (as long as they are realistic) and have a variety of implant sizes available based on the actual appearance of the patient's breast during the surgical procedure.  I prefer spending the extra time evaluating sizers that show me the actual appearance of the result rather than estimating and making a preselection in advance of the procedure.Keep in mind that your skin must be expandable to the degree necessary to accept a specific implant or it becomes unnatural and the risk of complications jumps.  Good luck in making your decision and best wishes.Jon A Perlman M.D., FACS
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Large implant risks

Many young women want large implants, regardless of the risks or what they are told.

Some surgeons will tell them of the risks of large implants, the drooping, stretch marks, need for revision surgeries, rippling, stretching of the skin, irreversible animation artifact of the pectoral muscle when the pectorals fibers are excessively removed from the sternum, etc.  

Sometimes it comes down to a negotiation of what sizes will actually fit vs what the patient perceives they want.

Ultimately there is great value in finding a surgeon who cares about your term results.  

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How soon before surgery can I change the size?

That's a question for your surgeon. But the only person who needs to be happy with the result is you, so you should be the boss. Personally we always have a selection of implants available for each patient as it is common on the day of surgery for the patient to ask to go bigger than the original wish. Based on your ht/wt I doubt the 415 would look too big, but it really takes an exam to be sure. 

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Breast Size

Respect your surgeon's opinion.  The limiting factor on implant size is the amount of skin around your chest.  Patients with little to no breast tissue go large in stages.  If you want to be larger, this may be an option for you.

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Respect opinion

Your surgeon must advise you about what he thinks it will provide you the best results, if he doesnt agree with you should ask him to explain the reason, your surgeon could do what you are requesting but probabaly your results will not match your body or you probably will like to change your implants early after surgery, if you dont agree with surgeon after another conversation you also have the choice to look for another one. Good Luck!

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How soon before surgery can I change the size? Surgery is 07/07/16.

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