Post surgery scar pain?

ok in late january this year i had an eyelid surgery. it was a great success. it's just that my right eyelid(where i had the bigger problem i think) hurts sometimes and feels dry. except when i just wake up my doctor said it's no big issue and it will resolve itsself. but im still worried a)why is this happening? b)is there some cream or medicine i can try?? it'sr eally annoying even if it's only on one eye. also the part that hurts is the one closest to the eyeball ittself . why???

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Eye pain, dry eye

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It is difficult to determine a diagnosis without knowing the exact procedure that was done. Your symptoms may be experienced with dry eye, exposure of the eye secondary to lagophthalmos/ eye not closing completely, or if the surgery was done from the posterior surface of the eyelid. Persistent symptoms this long after eyelid surgery are concerning and should be checked as soon as possible. I would recommend seeing an Oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation to check your lid function and your corneal condition. Best wishes.

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