Could You Tell Me How Long is It Before Internal Swelling Goes Down After Rhinoplasty?

I had my rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago and I am really pleased with the whole process. The air way up my right nostril has a lot more swelling up inside when I look, it looks very narrow compared to the other nostril. I think it is just swelling and was wondering how long it will be before this subsides a bit.

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Could You Tell Me How Long is It Before Internal Swelling Goes Down After Rhinoplasty?

      You should notice gradual improvement over the next few weeks.




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Internal Swelling After Rhinoplasty

Internal swelling can last longer than the initial external swelling after rhinoplasty, depending upon what was done during the surgery.  My patients that have the most swelling internally have usually had inferior turbinate reductions, that can leave them feeling stuffy for many weeks.  If  the septum was operated upon, then about 3 weeks of stuffiness is normal. If no septal work was done, then 2 weeks of stuffiness is normal. It is hard to see far enough the nose to assess swelling of the important parts of the airway.  You are probably only looking at swelling just past the nostrils. As long as your breathing feels symmetrical and your nose looks symmetric, asymmetry of the appearance of the inside of your nose should not trouble you.  Hope that helps.  Minas Constantinides, MD.

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