What can a patient do when a surgeon will not see you for a post op visit? I am 3 and 1/2 months post op.

I had a SMAZ face and neck lift in June 2016 with Dr. Tim Marten in SF. My neck is horribly tight and I look like I have an adam's apple. My ears now stick out. I have a awful scar from the lip lift were skin tore away. I have been asking for a post op visit and was told he is booked until next May. I was told I they would try to work me in for a post op visit if they have a cancellation. I live out of state and just cannot leave my job at the last minute to be " worked in" for a post op visit.

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Trying to schedule post op visit?

I am not sure if you have done this already, but I would recommend discussing your issues with the office in trying to get a post operative visit.  Let them know you live out of state and cannot make a last minute appointment.  If needed, I would ask to speak with the doctor himself so you can discuss your concerns and see when you could be evaluated.  

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