Doctor only recommends UHP ultra high profile for me? I am 5"5 125lbs and wear 34 A bra.

I breast fed 3 babies and am left with deflated A's. I had my first consultation. I didn't get the answer I hoped for. I want a fullC-D cup 350-400cc mod profile. I don't want a lot of projection no high profile just more wide. He measured me at a BWD of 9.5-11. He said the max is 340cc UHP. Its inspira SRX. Not what I had envisioned. He said mod is out of question and if I want full it'd drop to 265cc and I wouldn't be happy. He refuses to do anything over the BWD. Any advice ? Thanks!

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Doctor only recommended UHP for me.

Thank you for sharing your question.  Implant selection should largely be based on chest wall measurements obtained by your surgeon during your in-person examination.  Depending on your desired size you may require a higher profile implant to allow it to fit into your chest.  As implant profile increases, the base width is smaller for a similar sized implant.  What your doctor was trying to relay to you is that if you want a 350-400cc implant size, your breast width is small enough that only an UHP implant, with its associated smaller diameter will fit.  Hope this helps.

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Doctor only recommends UHP ultra high profile for me? I am 5"5 125lbs and wear 34 A bra.

Sizing a breast implant is determined using your measurements, your goal look, and the quality of your skin and soft tissues. Choosing an implant that is significantly wider than your breast needs to breast touching in the center or excess fullness laterally.But advice would be to stay within the BWD and select an implant that gives you the look that you desire. An ultra high profile implant will give you an augmented look. As you decrease the implant profile, the overall volume will decrease, and your look will become more "natural."

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Breast width absolutely limits the implants you can have

Your surgeon is correct in that the properly measured base width is the absolute widest implant diameter you can handle. Trying to go wider will lead to unibreast and side-boob problems. You may need to go less natural (higher profile or even ultra high) in order to get the size you want because of the base width restriction.

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