Botched blepharoplasty reconstruction needed (Photo)

Should he have left more eye lid?

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Botched blepharoplasty?

your photos unfortunately, is not coming through so I can't really make a judgement. However, if you are wondering at all, my guess is that you might be short some skin. Depending on how long ago you had your surgery done, you may need a revision, which would largely involve a skin graft. If you only recently had your blepharoplasty, chances are, skin will stretch and get better with some time and massage. The most important thing right now is that you protect your cornea from getting dried out, particularly at night when you make not be completely closing your eyes. 

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Its really hard to botch a blepharoplasty

if talking about upper lids.  Lower lids are more complex and depending on technique used, could result in more problems.  Always best to discuss your concerns with your presumed, qualified surgeon and make sure you don't create problems for your globe and then when healed or if functional problems present, find solutions that will require more surgery.

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Dear Fluffarina,

I don't see a photo?  Actually there is a very small black area where the photo should be.  If you can put up a photo for evaluation, please let us know how long it has been since your procedure and what symptoms you are having.  Are you having eye pain?  Dry or scratchy eyes?  Unsatisfied with the appearance?  We'll be happy to help!

Dr. Jespersen

M. Renee Jespersen, MD
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