If I get my lipoma surgically removed, will it leave an ugly scar? (Photos)

Ive had hit my head many times when i was little and i think this bump formed due to truama. Ive had this bump for years now and im so self concious that i literally wear bangs over this... Please help give me some feedback. Thanks

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Will this lipoma leave an ugly scar if surgically removed?

Thank you for sharing your question and photograph.  Unfortunately the bump appears to be a scar more than a lipoma.  In either case removal would necessitate the creation of a horizontal linear scar whose appearance can be minimized with appropriate surgical technique and adjunct skin care.  Hope this helps.

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Treatment of bump on forehead

You would need an examination to determine what the lump might be on your forehead.  Most likely, it could be removed surgically although there would be a scar.  In most cases, the scar that would form would be less noticeable than the lump.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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It will leave a scar.  How ugly depends on your genetics.  Width, depression, thickness, color vary with every patient.  Hyper (darker) or hypo (lighter) pigmentation may occur. If you have a history of keloids (thick rubbery scars that exceed the original size of the wound), beware.

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Forehead lipoma

Lipoma can be removed from the forehead without any significant scarring.  The incision line has to be placed horizontally along the naturally occurring crease and that will solve the problem.  New


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