I had my BA 2 months ago. I've seen a physio to review my upper body as I had shoulder problems before.

He said that I had a lot of tension in my back and asked me to lay down on my front.He used hand pressed on my back. I told him after I started feeling a pain. It started hurting my breast and it's a second day that it hurts. It was silly of me not to tell him straight away. Is there a possibility that this did any damage? They don't look any different, one feels a little bit softer, but I do get sharp pain sometimes and it's sore at the moment.

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Two months post breast augmentation

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It is unlikely that this activity has caused any problems with your implants. If concerned, you can always check with your surgeon.

2 months post op, some advices:

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Thanks for the question. 

In my practice, after performing a BA I recommend to my patients to limit the movement of the arms for two weeks. After that, you can move your arms taking care and always with common sense.  In this regard, it's not advisable to carry heavy weights to prevent the implant out of position, and allow the formation of the physiological capsule around the implant, also to avoid pain and breast swelling. 

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Emmanuel Mallol Cotes, MD
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Concerned about implant damage.

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It is unlikely that after 2 months of healing and the stated fact that your implants don't look any different, that you have done any damage.  More likely is you strained the capsule surrounding your implants or perhaps the muscle and this is your source of pain.  A good course of action would be to use NSAIDS and cool/warm compresses for symptom relief and follow up with your plastic surgeon for a check up.

Postop Breast Augmentation

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Irina.    It is not uncommon to experience episodes of pain after breast augmentation. It does not sound like your therapist caused any problems, but you should get checked out by your surgeon. Good luck!

Pain During the Healing Process

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Understanding the Healing Process

HEALING OF SENSORY NERVES: Tingling, burning or shooting pains, which will disappear with time and should not alarm you, indicate regeneration of the sensory nerves. If these sensations cause pain, repeated, local self-massage helps.

ASSYMETRY: The two breasts commonly heal quite differently. One breast may swell more, feel more uncomfortable, or have a different initial shape. After complete healing, they will be more similar and natural. You must have patience, but if this causes concern, ask questions of the doctor or the nursing staff.

SHAPE AND CONTOUR: The final shape of your breasts will start to look its best approximately three (3) months after surgery. It takes time for the skin and muscle to stretch and relax around the new implant. The breast will often look higher, firmer, and “less natural” in the first three (3) months. It can take up to a year to see your final result.


1.    pain is variable

2.    it takes 2-3 months for implants to settle and muscles to relax

3.    celebrex, motrin, and muscle relaxers can help

4.    massage and stretching may help

5.    everyone heals differently

6.    4-7 days off from work is common

If you find yourself concerned at all about the healing process it is best to visit your surgeon to have the area examined and make sure that everything is progressing as it should. Good luck.

Can Laying On Your Abdomen & Getting Deep Massage On One's Back Injure New Breast Implants?

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Obviously, an in person physical exam will give your online RealSelf plastic surgery experts the best chance of giving you a meaningful diagnosis.  Statistically, you probably just strained the new capsule around one or both of your implants, or pushed hard on a newly operated on pectoralis muscle if your implants are sub-muscular.  

I highly recommend you call your personal plastic surgeon, explain what happened, and ask for an in person evaluation.  The fact that one breast is softer than the other probably existed prior to this incident.  However, once I had a similar incident occur, and it caused a tear in the capsule surrounding the implant.  Again, please see your personal plastic surgeon.  He or she is your best resource.

Breast pain

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It is unlikely that any damage was done.  The soreness should subside in a day or two with rest.  You can also use ibuprofen if needed.  If it persists or worsens, contact your plastic surgeon for an evaluation.

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