What is the best non surgical procedure to improve the overall look of aging skin?

Laser or chemical peel? I want to address the neck and chest too

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Aging skin

what area  of the face is your major concern,also overall approach would the best way to treat aging skin,not only treatment but also lifestyle changes.Would like to know your age,your area of concern and see your photographs.

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Skin Resurfacing

Hello Annmccormick2050,

Lasers, chemical peel, and dermabrasion are all methods of resurfacing the skin. There are various lasers and chemical peels.  For lasers some are designed to remove the top layers of skin, others help with pigmentation, others help with vascular blemishes.  For chemical peels there are various types that affect how deep they penetrate and how long your downtime will be.  Depending on the surgeon you speak to you will likely be persuaded one direction or the other based on his or her training.  In the right hands you can get comparable results with either of the treatment methods depending on what condition you are treating. 

When it comes to the neck and chest you need to be more careful.  The way skin heals is after resurfacing is from the supporting tissue of the skin (i.e. things that are not skin cells like hair and sweat glands).  There are lots of these in the face but less in the neck and chest which predisposes these areas to scarring if overdone.  Make sure you discuss this with your surgeon before proceeding with treatment of these areas.

I hope this helps and good luck. 

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Please send photos

Approaching skin aging often takes a multi-faceted approach and the form it takes gets tailored to how your particular skin envelope is aging.  I would highly recommend sending in photos of areas of concern and then you will get more meaningful input.  This is not an either / or kind of answer...there are many forms of laser and also many varieties of peels that all serve different functions.  Its just not that simple.

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