Please someone share the shopping list for the items I must have to prepare for my tummy tuck (Photo)

I read that I would need laxatives and some teas but I can't find that list anymore. Can you all share. I'm heading to Walmart to get my proscription filled and I'm going to buy everything I need.

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Tummy Tuck Preparation

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Congratulations on scheduling and preparing for your tummy tuck surgery. Your surgeon or surgeon's staff will have a list of items that you will need, as well as both pre-and post-operative instructions. For your recovery, you will need someone to stay with you for a few days. They will be needed to help you with medication management, getting to/from the bathroom, meals, changing bed linens (use old linens during your recovery), and helping you in changing your clothing and showering. Ask your surgeon for an extra garment, and plan on clothing that will be easy to access (opening from the front, slippers or slip on shoes). Best wishes.

Please someone share the shopping list for the items I must have to prepare for my tummy tuck

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Every Surgeon has his/her pre and post-operative protocols to maximize the final result. This question- should be answered by your Operating Surgeon and his/her Team.

Tummy tuck instructions

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There are no standard instructions.  You are best to ask your surgeon for instructions. My office gives our patients a booklet that goes over pre and post instructions but these are specific to my practice..  Best of luck.

Preparing for a tummy tuck

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Congratulations on your decision to undergo an abdominoplasty.    Here are some of the items which may be useful during your recovery following surgery:

1.  Extra 4x4s, gauze, and ABD pads are a must.  Paper tape and antibiotic ointment can be good to have on hand.   

2.   Some patients feel that extra pillows or a wedge pillow can help with positioning to make sleeping easier.

3.   Colace or some form of stool softener.

4.  A shower chair or stool which can be placed in the shower is hugely helpful to make bathing easier.

5.   Chux or a beach towel is very helpful to place over your sheets for the first couple of days in case there is any drainage from your incisions.

6.  Spanx or some other form of compression garment may be more comfortable that the surgical garment which we place in the operating room.   Many of my patients change to spanx (or a generic equivalent) after the first week.   

7.   Benedryl can be helpful in the event you have any itching from the incisions or from the medications.  

Best of luck to you.   

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