Will there be scar tissue buildup after replacing breast implants so many times?

So the average breast implants last around 10 years right? Which means I'll have to get them replaced at least 6 times since I'm getting them at age 19. Won't there eventually be a big thick scar from scar tissue buildup due to opening and reopening the incisions under my breasts to replace the implants?

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Breast Implant Revisions

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Hello and thank you for your question. Considering your age at this time I definitely agree with what the others have responded regarding the physical changes that your body will go through over the years possibly requiring changes for your own needs.For women with moderate to severe breast sag from pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, menopause and more, a breast lift (mastopexy) may be recommended to ensure the best result and longest lasting result. If you already have had your implants there may be a need for replacement with a lift, or other revision. Failing to have a breast lift when necessary will only lead to a less than ideal result leaving the patient unhappy and needing a revision surgery. A larger breast implant can help lift the breast, but the low hanging breast tissue will still be present causing a disconnect between the implant and breast tissue located at the bottom of the breast.

Scar tissue and breast revision surgery

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Breast implants do not need to be replaced unless you are having a problem of some kind. They are not intended to be "lifetime" devices (no implanted medical devices are). However it is possible that you may not need surgery again. Given that you are 19, your breasts will certainly go through changes with any pregnancies, weight loss or gain and eventually menopause. These changes may require other breast procedures such as a lift or exchange for smaller implants or larger implants. As far as the scar tissue, the old skin scar is usually removed completely with each revisional surgery, so you are always starting with "fresh" skin edges to heal. You are certainly to be commended for thinking ahead. Not many patients would do so. Best wishes for your surgery!

Ellen A. Janetzke, MD
Bloomfield Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant revision

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congratulations on choosing breast augmentation with implants. Yes, at some point multiple times in your life you likely will need some form of revisional surgery. There is no set time and implants can last many decades, especially the ones made today. Scar tissue is a broad term, and there are different types. I would not worry much about "buildup" of scar tissue as a factor in choosing breast implants. For the most part, unless you are taking skit capsular contracture, then it's no concern. Best wishes

Breast revision surgery

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There is n to set time frame for revisions.  Some patients can go a lifetime and not have anything else done.  But, the statistics suggest patients will require at least 2 and maybe more procedures over their lifetime for any number of reasons.

Will there be scar tissue buildup after replacing breast implants so many times?

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Thank you for the thoughtful question;  it is wise of you to think about the longer-term effects of undergoing breast augmentation surgery.
 Generally speaking, there is no time limit as to when or if you need to exchange your breast implants. I have heard from patients that they have heard that breast implants need to be changed every 10 years. The only reason you need to exchange your breast implants is if you are having a problem with them or if you would like to change the size. Some of the potential complications that may arise would be deflation, capsular contracture, bottoming out, or just size change. If you are happy with the size of your breast implants and are having no problems, you do not need to do anything.
When undergoing breast implant replacement surgery, the scar tissue around the breast implant does not necessarily "build up" with  each operation.  In other words, if a patient does not have a problem with encapsulation (thickening of the breast implant capsule), then  she may be able to undergo several revisionary breast operations in her lifetime without "scar tissue buildup".

Again, good job thinking about long-term concerns… I hope this helps.

Breast implants do not have to be replaced every 10 years

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All breast implants approved for sale in the U.S. have a lifetime warranty for rupture, so if they really only lasted 10 years the companies would be out of business pretty quickly. They may not last a lifetime, but replacing them does not mean more scar tissue.

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