Can I safely be a C cup after reduction? (Photos)

I am 5'4, 165 lbs and a 38DD. I was just approved for breast reduction surgery through my insurance with no minimum to be taken out. Is a full C cup a realistic size to ask for?

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Breast reduction

It's hard to tell from the photos, but in general I think it is reasonable to go from a DD to a full C with a breast reduction. See a board certified plastic surgeon and good luck!

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Going from a DD to a C will make a big difference on how you feel and look,

Thanks for your question.  First, your pictures doesn't allow a good evaluation, therefore i will recommend a personal consultation for a better option. try not to worry to much about the cup and carefully choose a good plastic surgeon that will give you a proper size for your breast and short scar technic so you dont end up with a good reduction and a scar that you can not hide easily. Good luck!!!.

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Can I safely be a C cup after reduction?

In my experience, aiming for a full C cup to mid D cup leaves most breast reduction patients with a significant improvement both aesthetically and symptomatically.  It's difficult to be absolutely precise during surgery and in the end we're estimating and approximating a cup size based on our experience and judgment.  Your target is a good one but judgment should be used during your procedure to leave enough tissue to give you an aesthetically pleasing result.

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Can I be a C after breast reduction?

Thank you for your question and you can be a C but I would not focus on the size but what will look proportional to your body because you don't want to reverse the problem and be too small in the chest area.  I would recommend you see plastic surgeon who can guide you through the process.

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Thank you for your question and pictures. Yes it is possible to get to a c-cup from a breast reduction, consult carefully with a board certified PS. Best of luck!

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Safely Being a "C" cup after a Breast Reduction

Thanks for your question as it is a good one. Yes you can safely have a full "C" cup after a reduction from a "DD" cup. It is a commonly requested cup size and should allow good resolution of your pre-op symptoms while still maintaining a natural looking breast size. However there are many factors that determine what type of cup size you will have after a reduction. One of the most important ones is the requirement that your insurance company will place on you and your surgeon to have a certain minimum amount of your breast tissue removed based on your body mass index in order for the insurance company to pay for the surgery. So you need to be sure that you discuss your expectations with your surgeon. Your surgeon should be able to give you a realistic expectation as to what residual cup size you will have after the surgery based on the minimum amount of breast tissue that must be removed. The insurance company will communicate that minimum amount to your surgeon and usually not directly to you. The surgeon must remove that minimum amount, but after that it is up to you and your surgeon to decide if more should be removed.

This is a great surgery for women and will make a very positive difference in your lifestyle. Although the main reason to have it is to alleviate the pain and symptoms that you are having due to the large size of your breasts, I agree that a woman should still have a nice looking breast as a result of the reduction. A good board-certified Plastic Surgeon should be able to accomplish that for you. Good Luck with your surgery!

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Can I safely be a C cup after surgery.

Thank you for our question.   Make sure you feel confident that you and your surgeon have good communication and you have fully discussed your concerns and your goals.  Remember that all "C" cup bras are not the same.         Good Luck

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Breast reduction - final size

Yes - it is certainly possible to be a C cup, once you are done with your breast reduction.  That is a commonly requested final size.

Make sure that your surgeon knows this is your goal, prior to the procedure.

All the best,

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Can I safely be a C cup after reduction?

Thank you for your question.  It is possible to convert a triple D cup to a C cup during breast reduction.  However it is very important that she discuss this goal with your plastic surgeon.  The surgeon will be required to remove a certain weight of tissue from each breast and if the required weight is too much the breast could end up less than a C cup.

Cup size after breast reduction

Going from a DD to a C is quite reasonable.  Keep in mind that insurance guidelines require resection of a minimum gram weight.  Although your approval letter does not include reference to this, it will be in the physician guidelines which must be met in a retrospective review.  

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