Is this normal after a tummy tuck? (Photo)

I had a tummy tuck after laser/lipo did not have successful outcome. My surgeon did the tummy tuck three weeks after the first procedure I mentioned. I have been back on numerous occasions and the surgeon says it will heal. I am worried because I have been experiencing severe muscle spasms as well.

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Is this normal after a tummy tuck?

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Wound dehiscence IS NOT NORMAL but occurs. Local aggressive wound care and this will heal over the next 3 months.Sorry for the complication.

Wound healing problems after tummy tuck

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Wound healing difficulties after undergoing tummy tuck procedures are fairly common.  These are mostly in the suprapubic region.  With serial debridements and dressing changes, these usually heal well.  Best of luck during your continued recovery.  

Open wound after tummy tuck

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Sorry to hear about your open wound.  There are many things that could have caused this such as excessive tension, post-op swelling, infection, poor blood flow, etc.  Complications like yours are more common in smokers or diabetics.  So, if you smoke or use any nicotine products, please stop those today.  Keeping the wound clean will allow it to eventually close up on its' own.  Your surgeon can help it along by cleaning out any dead tissue.  You can help yourself by taking natural plant-derived vitamins (from a natural health food store; NOT a pharmacy) and extra Vitamin C (500mg of Ester-C three times per day).  Once the wound has closed and allowed to mature, your surgeon may want to go back and revise it.

Wound not healing post TT

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This will eventually heal but your surgeon needs to debride it a little to get to clean healthy tissue.Once that is done then you should be fine.

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