Is two months enough recovery time for BBL before getting on a plane for 10+ hours?

I'm looking to get the BBL done next week but I am going to be traveling towards the end of December. Is two months enough time for recovery before I get on a plane for 10+ hours?

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Flight after bbl

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Traveling 2 months after fat transfer to your buttock should be safe but you should first clear with your surgeon and also walk multiple times during the flight to avoid leg blood clots. Make sure to check in with your surgeon to ensure that you follow their recommendations.

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Bbl and travel

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It should be ok to travel on a plane two months after surgery. General precautions to minimize the risk of a DVT should be followed as well. You can probably travel as long as you have healed ok. Best to confer with your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Recovery after BBL

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Thank you for your question. Yes it should be safe to travel after two months of having your BBL. Although it is good to take breaks during the flight to strecth and walk a little to keep the blood flowing. Make sure you check with your specific surgeon for his or her advice and follow their recomendations. Good luck!

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