Can invisalign fix my top row of teeth? (photos)

My front four teeth are uneven and crooked and i want them to be even and look decent. can invisalign help that? I want the two beside my front two teeth to be pulled down and straightened.

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Starighter smile

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Great question--yes invisalign would do a great job broadening, straightening, and leveling your smile--the results would be amazing for you.. Good Luck

Invisalign can help

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You will find that you can vastly improve the position, bite and health of your teeth with Invisalign orthodontic treatment. You need a highly experienced provider. There is not adequate information from a few on line photos to make a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan. I suspect however that you are a combination case of jaw surgery and orthodontics. That being said many patients do not elect for this ideal but invasive course of treatment. In these cases Invisalign orthodontic treatment alone can make wonderful improvements for patients.

Anna M. Berik, DMD
Newton Dentist

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