I had a Mommy makeover 12/15. Are implants bottoming out, what needs to be done to the dog ears. (photo)

My recovery was hard, when talked to my surgeon about concerns he says wear a supportive underwire bra 24/7, and told me that I need a butt/thigh lift to fix dog ears. When I spoke about this earlier, he said an easy procedure with local anesthesia. I have felt worse since surgery with fatigue and joint pain. My implants are 475cc saline, under the muscle which I ?. I got a lift in hopes of not wearing a bra, initially I wanted a lift, but PS said that it wouldn't look right w/out implants.

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Do I have bottoming out and Dog ears? what do I do?

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Hi Hdeslauriers,

Thanks for your question and photos. Based on your photos you have skin laxity. I think most woman want their breast not to pass the pencil test. It seems that after your mastopexy your breast skin is still touching your your stomach area. A small touch up to remove more skin would help with that. But if you want your breast implants to sit higher then you will need an internal bra with sutures or a dermal substitute to hold the implants up. You have extra fat not necessarily extra skin. Some liposuction would help shape you better. Ask your plastic surgeon. Good Luck!


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Surgical Risks

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You may not be fully satisfied with the appearance of your implants; implant size issues, prominent scarring, asymmetric or undesired appearance or placement of  #implants or hardening may interfere with patient satisfaction.  Asymmetry (unequal breast size or shape) may occur.  The implanted breast may  #sag or #droop (ptosis) over time, much like a natural breast.  Very rarely the implant may change position or break though the skin, particularly if you have very thin breast tissue covering the implant. (This is more common with saline implants). complications do occur even for the best of surgeons and cannot be completely prevented.  Make sure you are comfortable with the risks and complications of this procedure and that all your questions are answered by our staff.

Revision surgery is unusual but may be desired for several reasons. Most revisions should be done after 9-12 months.  One cause for revision surgery are “dog ears” at the ends of the incisions. These are small folds of excess skin that do not flatten over time.  They can be excised, suctioned or both. Scars may widen or continue to be red  and elevated.  These may require laser treatment or injection with kenalog and 5-FU.  Excision and reclosure may help some scars. Other treatments are available as well. Excess fat or loose skin may require liposuction and skin excision to obtain the best result.

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I had a Mommy makeover 12/15. Are implants bottoming out, what needs to be done to the dog ears

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It doesn't appear that your implants are bottoming out. As far as the dog ears, they are pretty minimal but could be further excised in office or liposuctioned to help flatten them out. For your fatigue and joint pain, best to check in with your PCP. Hope this helps!

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Mastopexy, breasts implants, dog ears, Abdominoplasty

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Thank you for your email. 1. Looking at the photos, there is a minor degree of bottoming of the implants. Breasts are looking pleasing. You may wish to consult your surgeon requesting for further tightening of the breasts with or without downgrading the breast implant size. 2.There is minor degree of dog ear which can be corrected by liposuction assisted skin reduction under local anaesthetic. With best wishes,

Shailesh Vadodaria, MD
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Mommy make-over....bottoming out? Dog ears?

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Thank you for asking about your mommy make-over.
  • I am so sorry your recovery has been so hard.
  • In the photos, although the implants seem to lie low perhaps because of their size, I don't see bottoming out.
  • Again, for the slight irregularity in the dog ears, I would think a little liposuction might smooth it out.
  • But you do need a full examination to be sure.
  • As for the fatigue, you need to see your regular doctor to be sure you don't have thyroiditis or another aut-immune disease that is wearing you down.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Mommy makeover 12/15

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From what I can see in your photos I do not think your breasts are bottoming out. Often with a mastopexy and implants the skin which initially seemed tight loosens up and you see some skin excess at the bottom. I think your breasts look good in the photos you posted but if you want them tweaked I think some skin excision would do it. Although skin excess on the back contributes to dog ears in abdominoplasty, you most certainly could just have the dog ears themselves excised. This would be simpler and less invasive for you. Whatever you decide, I think you look good.

Karen Quigley, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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