I am very interested in getting implants, I have an overbite and now have one tooth that has broken off at the gum line. (photo)

What procedure would you reccomend? I want beautiful smile and all of my front teeth upper and lower are ugly stained and crooked. I have tried everything. I refuse to get dentures I want permenant and pretty as I am 31 .

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if you do not like the way your teeth look, due to the shape, form, and color,
you should make a complete dental Makeover, your teeth will look nice and even,
you will be able to change shape,size and even color, you can get a hollywood smile ,
and on the area where you have that gap ,
and implant can be set immediately after the extraction.

Ceramic Laminates and Dental implants

Ceramic laminates for upper and lower front teeth and a Dental Implant for the missing tooth will solve all the problems that you have described. 
Good luck.

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