What can I use to clear up Melasma on my face and cheek area?

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Melasma Treatment

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Fortunately, there are many options available to treat melasma.  Most patients respond well to a combination of topical medications and chemical peels.  A topical lightening cream such as hydroquinone or Lytera can be used in combination with a mild exfoliating wash and a topical retinol.  In addition, a series of chemical peels can hasten the results.  It is best to be evaluated by a skin care provider who can determine the best regimen for your skin type.  Remember, it it imperative to wear sunscreen daily to prevent pigment changes from recurring.

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Treatment of Melasma

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There are three things that can be done to treat melanoma. There are topical creams such as hydroquinone that can reduce the pigment. Some peels can also reduce the pigment. The third method to reduce pigment is an IPL, a Laser like machine. Frequently all three methods are combined. What  is used is based on your individual problem. See a physician who has significant experience in skin care and has all three methods available.

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