Can the buccal fat be removed and placed somewhere else?

I have a recessed chin and would like a fat graft along with cleft chin removal. Is it possible to remove the cleft chin and in the same process, remove buccal fat and transplant it partially into the chin for volume? If not, is there a way to graft fat to the chin to give it volume? I have done fat injections before but it has not provided enough volume. Thank you.

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Can the buccal fat be removed and placed somewhere else? = NO!, unless it is inside the mouth #buccalfat #buccalfatremoval

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Buccal fat removed from the oral cavity can not be placed anywhere in the face or body that is not the oral cavity.

The oral cavity is a body area full of bacteria ( oral flora) Therefore, once the fat is extracted,, it is contaminated with bacteria. Bacteria contaminated buccal fat pad could potentially cause a severe infection if transplanted to other area outside the mouth like the chip. The exception to this rule its the palate. In patents with history of cleft palate (unrepaired or fistula of the repaired cleft) the buccal fat pad could be stretched out to the location of the hole and sutured in that place to patch the defect. Because it is already in the oral cavity and is connected to its blood vessels, it doesn't cause infection. 

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Buccal fat pad is not used customarily for fat grafting.

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The buccal fat that has been used for cosmetic augmentation of the face when it is not detach from his blood supply. This is done unusually. After buccal fat reduction this free graft could theoretically be used but in fact has very modest volume.

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