What would be the best course of action for my teeth restoration? (photo)

Any insightful suggestion from a dentist would be highly appreciated. I have bridge and crown on upper jaws and root canal on two teeth. Both the molar on upper and lower jaw were extracted more than 5 years ago. Is implant possible and what would be best for me? Thanks a lot.

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Options For Missing Tooth

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My recommendation would be to see an orthodontist.  Have the teeth aligned correctly, open up a space in those areas, and place implants to restore the missing teeth.  When having the crowns replaced, use all porcelain if at all possible.  Good luck.  

Orthodontic consultation to see if "up righting" of molars can take place

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An orthodontic consultation should occur to see if the teeth can be aligned properly to allow for necessary space for a dental implant solution and proper occlusion forces once restored.

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