6 months post op saline implants (500cc round). Fell asleep and one of my breasts is settled higher? What do I do?

I had my breast augmentation 6 months ago I wear push up bras seldom. I wore one a week ago and accidentally fell asleep with it on and I woke up and one of my breast is settled higher and sore. I want it back normal Help!

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Make an appointment with your plastic surgeon.

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It’s very unlikely that sleeping in a pushup bra one night affected the position of your breast implant or caused soreness in one breast. At 6 months after breast augmentation, you should be able to wear whatever type of bra you want without affecting your breasts. A sudden change in your breast could be a sign of capsular contracture, which can pull your breast implant higher on your chest and make it feel firmer. You should make an appointment with your plastic surgeon to check your breasts.

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Implant higher

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 A bra at 6 months is unlikely to have caused your implant to be higher on one side. Perhaps you developed a capsular contracture?

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One of my breasts is settled higher

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Although nothing is impossible, it is very unlikely that this happened over night. Also, since you did not upload photos, I can only try to help based on what information you have given. If one implant is riding high and a bit sore and doesn't seem to drop back down these could be indications of capsular contracture. The hallmark of contracture is one breast becoming firm and moving up towards your collarbone causing the nipple to rotate downward and can even be painful. Capsular Contracture is not well understood, and a single cause has not been identified. Leading theories include: subclinical venous bleed, low level bacterial contamination and/or biofilm, lint contamination from sterile drapes and genetic predisposition. Since the cause is unknown, treatment typically involves addressing all possible causes. There are four grades of contracture. Grade I is normal, looks good and feels soft and does not require treatment. Grade II feels firm but otherwise looks good. Grade III feels firm and looks distorted at rest. Grade IV feels firm, looks distorted at rest and is painful. Aggressive massage +/- Leukotriene Inhibitors can improve/soften Grade II contracture but in Dr. Feldman’s experience rarely improve the superior malposition present in Grade III and Grade IV contracture. These respond best to surgical revision/capsulectomy and implant exchange. You should return to your operating surgeon to be seen in person for a proper diagnosis. Best of Luck.

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