3 1/2 Months post op. Right breast has numbing/loss of sensation from nipple to low right side of breast. Normal? (Photo)

I am curious if numbing is normal 3 and a half months post op? My left breast looks perfect and has sensation as if it was never touched. My right breast has numbness from the nipple to lower right and if massaged/touched the only sensation I feel is dull pain/tingly numbness. I am curious if this is normal and if it's why the right breast isn't as "fluffed" in appearance. Tad OCD, huh? Haha! 32 A/B pre op, 375CC IDEAL implant, D post op and I am 6 ft tall, nursed 1 child for 8 months.

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3 1/2 post op, right breast has numbing/loss

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It is not nessarily abnormal following augmentation to have decreased sensation, there are many different nerves that innerverate different portions of the breast often times nerves tend to heal slowly and may take a year or more to full heal. Try to be patient and hopefully your sensation will return. 

Sensation after augmentation

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Some patients have diminished sensation after breast augmentation. Often this gets better as the swelling subsides. It might take a year or longer for some.  Good luck.


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Hello and thanks for your question. It is not unusual to have numbness of the nipple/ breast but permanent numbness may be seeen in 3-5% of breast aug patients.  The loss sensitivity may last up to 18 months. Keep in contact with your BCPS during your recovery. 

Right breast numbness after augmentation.

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs and congratulations on your results.  The swelling that develops in your breast after surgery can cause your nerves to become irritated and have a burning, tingling, sparky, or numb sensation to the breast surface.  As the swelling resolves this should improve but the nerves may take 6-12 months to fully recover, so hang in there!

3 1/2 Months post op. Right breast has numbing/loss of sensation from nipple to low right side of breast. Normal?

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following breast augmentation the risk of permanent numbness of the nipple is approximately 5%.

Fortunately you have tingling sensation and dull sensation when you touch the nipple.  This would indicate that you do not have a complete nerve injury and the nerve is attempting to regenerate and recover.  It can be a long process taking up to a year and a half.  As nerve regeneration continues in some cases patients feel tingling and shocklike symptoms.

Within the realm of normal

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The primary nerve that feeds the nipple travels from lateral to medial in proximity to the lateral edge of the leg muscle.  It can get tweaked by the cautery during surgery or it can get traumatized and stretched during simple blunt dissection.  Most of the time, the numbness is temporary.  In about 1% of cases, it can be permanent.  I always try to avoid aggressive use of cautery laterally for this very reason.  

Thanks for your question.

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You have a very nice result. Numbness, tingling, burning, hypersensitivity can all indicate some stretching that may have occurred to some if the nerves during your surgery. This should generally recover to normal by a year post-op. This has nothing to do with the softness of your breast or the position of your implant within your breast. 

I suggest a follow up visit with your plastic surgeon. Best of luck with your on going recovery.

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