Rhinoplasty: Do you think my nose is okay after getting hit?

My sister and i had a fight and she grabbed a hard pillow and hit my face and hurt my tip of my nose which i had my tip thinned and it's still swollen and big and still in pain. Do you think i will be okay?

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Trauma after Rhinoplasty

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Depends on how far out you are from your rhinoplasty surgery but in general this sort of mild trauma will not cause any permanent damage. I would check with your surgeon if you still have any concerns

Trauma after Rhinoplasty, some advices:

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Thanks for sharing your concerns with us. 

First of all I recommend you to send your photos to give you better advices. Another thing is that we need some more details like when was your surgery. To reduce this swelling, I recommend you perform delicates daily lymphatic drainage massage therapy over the face (around the nose) avoid sun exposure, and take pain/inflamation pills, as your surgeron precribe you.
Also, tell your plastic surgeon what is going on and follow his advices. 

Kind regards,
Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes.-

Emmanuel Mallol Cotes, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Nasal trauma

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Most injuries to the nasal tip will heal on their own without much intervention.  Icing and the first 2 days certainly helps to expedite it.  In the early phase of injury it is difficult to determine if the shape of the nose or especially the tip will change over time.  Once the swelling has subsided you should see her doctor for evaluation to ensure there is no residual deformity.  The biggest concern is the possibility of a nasal septal hematoma.  That is collection of blood inside the nasal septum after an injury to the nose which can become infected and can eat up the nasal cartilage leaving to collapse of the nose.  If you are able to breathe well through her nose and most likely do not have a nasal septal hematoma.


Dr. J

Tanveer Janjua, MD
Bedminster Facial Plastic Surgeon

Nasal trauma

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You did not describe when you had work done on your nose.  If your nose is swollen from trauma, you might want to see your surgeon.

Trauma to nose

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It is difficult to say what is going on with your nose without performing an examination. If it is swollen then there is likely some element of trauma to the nose. However, the significance cannot be determined without seeing all aspects of the nose. Schedule a consultation with a rhinoplasty surgeon to better determine if anything needs to be done. Hope this helps.

Michael T. Somenek, MD
Washington DC Facial Plastic Surgeon


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Thanks for your question. Unfortunately these minor traumatic events are very common after a nasal surgery. Generally things are ok, but very rarely the trauma may cause a shift in cartilage or a graft etc. It is probably best to have your surgeon evaluate, but chances are in your favor for a good recover from the minor trauma. Hope this helps. 

Julian W. Dixon, MD
Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Trauma after Rhinoplasty

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So sorry about the trauma.  Swelling is a sign of injury.  Online consultants cannot offer advise without an in person exam.  See your surgeon as soon as possible for an evaluation.  Best wishes!

Trauma After Rhinoplasty

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Hello Leslie170,

Based on your description it sounds like your sister gave you a pretty big hit.  Without seeing any pictures it is difficult to make any specific comments. 

Swelling is a sign of injury.  Another concerning sign would have been if you had bleeding from your nose when she hit you.  Whether anything will affect the result of your previous surgery depends a lot on what was done.  If the tip was simply thinned by removing some cartilage it is unlikely that anything from surgery was damaged.  If sutures were used to help narrow and refine your tip a hard enough blow could damage them.  Depending on how long ago your original surgery was would determine if the body had healed enough that the sutures would no longer be as important if they were to have popped.

My recommendation would be to see your original surgeon for evaluation to verify that nothing has been done to affect your previous results.  With a strong enough hit to the nose there is always the possibility that new damage has occurred requiring correction even if your previous work wasn't affected.

I hope this helps and good luck. 

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