7 weeks post op sudden severe lower back pain post tummy tuck, lipo to inner/outer thighs/lower back/flanks.

Pain is worse when resting i.e lying or sitting down. I'm pain free when active I even forget I ever had pain. If I'm lying on my side and attempt to lift my leg it hurts a lot. I practically have to sleep on my stomach. Since I had my surgeries/lipo I haven't had any pain in the areas liposuctioned. Only issue was with my stomach and that had resolved. Last week all of a sudden my back started. Please help. THANK-YOU.

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During a tummy tuck, often your abdominal muscles are brought back to their original place at the midline.  Because of this, you may be sore when using them, like when you hold your legs out while lying on your back.  You may also be protecting the muscles and using them less, placing more strain on your lower back.  If you continue to strengthen your core, that should improve.  Persistent low back pain or other worrisome symptoms after your tummy tuck like shortness of breath should be investigated more by your doctor.

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