Do I need a septoplasty or a rhinoplasty? My nose directs to one side. Will this be partly solved with a septoplasty? (Photos)

I had a bad surgery years ago, to solve it i had another and it helped but couldn't really solve the fact that my nose is not straight , he told me that i needed a septoplasty... and it wasn't that noticeable by then but now it seems it need to have a rhinoplasty again as the sillicone the doctor put to one side to fixed my uneven nose is broken. I need to know if having a septoplasty will help solve this and how many days after it I can have a rhinoplasty for the sillicone to fix my uneven nose

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It is likely you will need both a septoplasty and rhinoplasty.  The septoplasty will improve your breathing, but the rhinoplasty will improve the appearance and straigthen your nose.  See a board certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinplasty for an opinion.

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Revision rhinoplasty to improve crooked nose

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Based on your photos, a revision rhinoplasty would be needed to help straighten your nose. It appears that your silicone implant has shifted and this would likely require removal. A septoplasty would only address your nasal septum and when performed alone, would not change the external appearance of your nose. I would recommend seeking out a consultation with an experienced, board-certified revision rhinoplasty surgeon. Good luck!

Sachin S. Pawar, MD
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Revision rhinoplasty to straighten the nose

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  A revision rhinoplasty is required to straighten a crooked nose.  A septoplasty is performed to improve airflow dynamics through the nose when there is air flow restriction in the back of the nose.  A septoplasty will not change the shape of the  nose.  Osteotomies placed in the nasal bones are required to straighten the crooked ridge line.  If a silicone implant is in place and is crooked, it can be removed or replaced.   For many before and after examples of crooked nose repair in our practice, please see the link and the video below 

William Portuese, MD
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