After two chin implants I'm still unhappy, but unsure about a third procedure. What should I do? (photos)

The first wrapped under my chin + was crooked with little projection. It made my longface even longer. 4yrs later a 2nd doctor said it would be a snap to sew up the pocket + place a wider one at jawline.This one is even more crooked + makes my face look even longer (I stopped him from putting in the bigger one he wanted.) One side also buckled into a curly cue on the end. It was a very long painful recovery that left jowls after swelling went down. 2 yrs later I hate my front+especially 3/4 view--all I see is chin in pics-- but don't know if I'm crazy to redo. Opinions, Please

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Now what - after two failed implants!

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You have a gorgeous smile. Your profile shows signs of aging (jowls, loose neck.)
Your second implant is too large and off-center because there is inadequate space for it.

If you can afford it,
  1. have the chin implant removed and let it heal for 3 months.
  2. Have a face/neck lift and place a much smaller implant at the same time.
  3. If you decide you don't want an implant - the face lift will tighten the loose skin that remains.

Chin Implant Revision

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The first question to answer is why did the first two chin implants 'fail'. Besides the asymmetry it can be seen after both procedures that the implants were not the right shape or size. (as in the first implant) While the second implant had better horizontal projection, it was too wide for a female face/chin/jawline and basically hung off of the chin. After having two implants, the soft tissue of the chin is now 'excessive' and a less wide and more central/triangular shape implant may not pick up the tissue adequately. Whether you should have a third implant depends on its shape and management of the soft tissue. It may also be time to consider a sliding genioplasty which will give the chin a more narrow shape as it adds horizontal projection and will pick up the surrounding soft tissues better both in front and below the chin.

Chin implant

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You can either remove the chin implant and do nothing or replace with another chin implant or do a genioplasty.  If you remove the implant totally you may have some redundant soft tissue with sagging.  With any procedure you would probably help the result with tightening the skin by a face and neck lifting procedure.   Good luck.  Donald R. Nunn MD, DDS  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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