1 Year After BA a Small Air Bubble has Formed Under Right Breast, What Would Cause this?

I had 375cc silicone under implants a little over a year ago. Today, getting out of the shower I noticed a small bubble-like thing on the underside of my right breast. When I press it, it feels like a small air bubble that I can press and when I let go if inflates back up.. and can be seen portruding a little when I look in the mirror.

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Bubbling of implants?

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It is unclear from your description what exactly is going on.  It may be a leak, it may be the implant protruding to name a few.  An exam would be best to figure this out.  See your surgeon.

Bubbles after Breast Augmentation

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A bubbling sensation one year after silicone breast augmentation is most likely due to displacement through the capsule or bottoming out under the inframammary fold. I would be curious to know if you have had any trauma to the breast. You should visit your surgeon. If diagnosis cannot be made with physical examination, an MRI may be indicated to evaluate the implant and its location.

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