My Breast Implant Moved Drastically With Mild Flexing and Now Sits Near My Collar Bone. What to Do?

I had a lift with implants on my follow up I showed the dr. how one implant moved drastically with mild flexing, like reaching for something, It moved upward near my collar bone. He said that the chest wall muscle came loose and the easiest fix is to remove and place implants outside the muscle and then the muscle will heal. It looks like a ball just under my collar bone. Is it worth having the musle repaired, he doesn't seem to think so.

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Implant moving with animation

The movement may be related to spasm of the muscle if it is early.  Placing the implant over the muscle can eliminate this problem provided that you have enough tissue for coverage.

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Solution to Implants which ride high

Your plastic surgeon is correct in that your muscle activation is displacing the implant and the re are two solutions to that and unfortunately may invlove more surgery. If the implant was under the muscle, which it seems to be in your case, then placing it on top of the muscle will eliminate that issue. A second solution would be to would be to place an ace wrap at the top of your implant to keep it from riding high and with the contraction. In the best case that may keep the implant from riding up but will not eliminate the distortion with muscle flex. The success will also depend upon how far out you are from surgery.  The success rate is variable at best. Tough issue, keep the lines of communication open with your plastic surgeon. 

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