Puffiness and Swelling 8 Days After Botox, Is This Normal?

I had Botox 8 days ago and each day the puffiness,"swelling" under both eyes is horrible! The "loose skin" wrinkles looks like I am 80 yrs old. Didn't have any (minimal) age lines before Botox. Anything i should do or do I have to wait until the Botox wears off? It really kooks awful. Thanks

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Swelling lower eyelids and botox

I am sorry but answers to your question need to be representative of the what can happen in general but ot specifice to your problems. It makes a large difference if we know exactly the areas injected and number of units prior to commenting. In general, Botox for the crows feet work well but if there is some injection near the lower eyelid this can inhibit the normal pump action of the eyelid muscle and swelling that normally occurs and is drained away wouldn't drain well and the fluid can build up. This is temporary and will go away in a few to four months.  There might be other reasons for lower eyelid swelling in your case. You should see your doctor to evaluate your condition.

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Puffiness and Swelling 8 Days After Botox, Is This Normal?

You should see the MD that did your Botox Injections for evaluation of the lower eyelid puffiness.  

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