is it normal to have yellow-green discharge 3 weeks after vaginoplasty?

I had vagino/labiaplasty 3 weeks ago. Discharge the first week was bloody, the second week was somewhat clear and the third week has been yellow-light green. And I am itchy. I am not red in the area, do not have an odor to the discharge and have no pain. I change my pantyliner every 2 hours and clean the area well daily. Is this discharge normal or an infection?

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What's Normal Discharge after Vaginoplasty

A yellowish discharge is commonly seen after vaginal sutures are placed. It typically lasts 2-6 weeks and is related to suture material dissolving. It is more common with larger sutures or with a large amount of sutures. Itching may indicate a different type of discharge and should be evaluated by your surgeon.

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