Is this normal? 4 weeks 400cc high profile under muscle silicone (Photo)

I lost 80 lbs and went from a 38C to a 36B and had excessive skin in my chest area. I had a consultation and was told 400cc high profile silicone will be a good size for me. I asked if i needed a lift and was told i did not. Not happy with the size i thought it would be slightly bigger and also think i needed a lift! My skin sags at the bottom and also when i bend out. Its been 4 weeks and right implant still high....also they are very uneven. Is this normal? Btw im 170 lbs and 5'6.

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Wait 3-4 months before assessing results

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You should wait about three to four months before you assess your results. You'll have a better idea of what the optimal results are once you wait until the 3-4 month mark as your breasts are still settling. Settling can occur faster in one breast than the other. Then, if you still don't like the results, you should return to your surgeon to discuss a revision.

Breast shape and implants

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The implants will drop some into the breast over the course of a year but I would have recommended a lift to center the nipple/areola on the implant.   You can still get a lift later if you are unhappy with your final result.  You could place a larger implant at that time or do some fat grafting to increase the volume.

Samer W. Cabbabe, MD, FACS
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

Breast augmentation

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It is always good to discuss a lift especially in your case.   Many times we can get the nipple complex elevated enough the size of implnat and the technique used at placement.  In this instance a skin lift would help you.

Is this normal? 4 weeks 400cc high profile under muscle silicone

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Yes you need a lifting operation. Do you know the cm distance pre op from your sternal notch to the nipples?? Bet it was over 26 cm.. Thus a lift was indicated.. 

S this normal? 4 weeks 400cc high profile under muscle silicone (Photo)

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there is a rule in plastic surgery that says: implants alone do not correct mammary ptosis, according to your pictures your breasts are dropped before and after the surgery, the only difference is the volumen. In these cases it is important to discuss posibilities of a mastopexy with your plastic surgeon.

Jose Luis Acosta Collado, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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