What is a Normal Time Frame for Pillows to Resolve After Juvederm/radiesse Injections Under Eyes?

I'm 1 week post juvederm and radiesse injections under eyes by a plastic surgeon. I had excessive bruising and had V beam laser 1 and 2 days after injections for the bruising. Now my bruising is bright yellow with what is described as "pillows". When should I be concerned and am I to assume I'm a poor candidate for this in the future?

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How Long for Swelling/Bruising to Resolve

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Hi Mammoth.  The key concept when injecting Restylane of Juvederm under the eyes is to inject "under the muscle".  If your injector did not inject the product deep (under the muscle that surrounds the eyes) then the pillow appearance you have will most likely not go away.  This may also explain the profound bruising you have had as bruising rarely occurs when the proper technique is used in this area.

You may want to go back and ask how the product was injected and if it was not injected under the muscle then suggest that your injector dissolves it with Vitrase (hyaluronidase.  Good luck. 

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