Is it normal to have swollen 5 years after the filler injections? (photo)

Almost 5 years ago I went to my cosmetic dermatologist because I really wanted to try a filler injection. The actual injection wasn't that bad but the swollen was immediate. I was told that the swollen would subside within a week, well it never did. Now I have permanent bags under my eyes. What is the solution to my problem? Should I get a mid face-lift? I am too afraid to even consider getting more filler injections.

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Is it normal to have swollen 5 years after the filler injections?

I suggest you see your medical provider and make sure it was Restylane that was applied. Injection of enzyme may be the best option for you, but I would make sure that the product injected was indeed Restylane.

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Is it normal to have swollen 5 years after the filler injections?

Best to seek in person examinations to determine if this swelling is related to other systemic .causes...Very, very doubtful 5 year old Restylane injections caused the malar swelling

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Swollen 5 years after Restylane

Is the swelling the same as when you had the injections? I would think some of the initial swelling resolved, though I do understand you still have something there. The easiest thing would be to see an injector to have any remaining Restylane dissolved with hyaluronidase. That would give you the best starting point so you and the doctor can see what's really there and what you are dealing with.

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