Is It Normal to Be Swollen 7 Months After TT?

Hi I am 7 months post op from my tt, while the upper part of my abdomen is flat my lower abdomen beneath my bb is still hard and swollen like is this normal? I had liposuction done about 6 yrs prior to the surgery. Melissa d.

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Is liposuction needed after a tummy tuck for abdominal fullness

Recurrent seroma may persist 6 months after a tummy tuck, but usually recovery is pretty quick after an abdominoplasty.  I would surmise that this swelling may represent some residual fat.  Check with your plastic surgeon. If it is fat, I would recommend the Liposonix procedure or Liposuction. 

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Swelling depends on seroma status and fat percentage

Every patient is different, but if you had a post operative serom ir if you have excess subcutaneous fat, prolonged swelling can occur. Seroma formation can affect formation f new lymphatic channels and therefore swelling above the scar can occur for 6 months. If you have greater than 1 cm if subcutaneous fat on your anterior abdomen, then the fat cells hold onto swelling longer than skin so again prolonged swelling an occur. Consider lymphatic massage, and contined use of a compressive garment ("spanx" to optimize results. 

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Swelling after tummy tuck

Final results can take 6 months to a year but, generally, you should see a reasonable estimation of the result wtihin 3 months. Factors such as excessive swelling or complications can influence the progress of healing. It's impossible to comment on your specific case, particularly without photos. I would encourage you to return to your plastic surgeon for followup and to discuss any concerns.

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