Is It Normal to Have a Swollen Lip and Chin 4 Weeks After Sliding Genioplasty ?

i had sliding genioplasty 4 weeks ago my surgeon also aved down some area of my chin to make it look more symmetrical since i has some symmetry issues.Now my lower lip feels quite numb and puffy i understand the numbness but whats with the puffyness i still have stitches inside my mouth but they seem to be dissolving. And please prescribe me some supplements/vitamins to relieve the numbness/swelling as i have universitin two weeks and i want to look good thanks.

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This is so very normal.

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You had a very big little surgery!  Sliding is a medical euphemism for cutting and moving part of your mandible.  I would predict that even at 4 months you still have have a bit of swelling and it really won't be until 6 to 12 months that this swelling will resolve.

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