Is it normal have a swollen ledge above mini tummy tuck incision one month post op?

After 2 c sections and a weight loss of 20 kilos I ended up with loose skin that hung over my incision line. My surgeon recommended a mini tummy tuck which I'd agreed with. One month post op still swollen above incision and worried it will leave a ledge again as my c sections had. If so, would I need to fork out for the whole surgery again ? I'm unable to visit my surgeon as surgery was done abroad.

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One month after tummy tuck abroad

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Yes swelling can persist for more than a month after tummy tuck.  Your question raises an issue patients ma not consider when having surgery abroad.  It sounds great to save a few bucks but at what expense to your health and recovery?

Ledge above TT

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Photos, especially from both before and after surgery would be helpful here. Not seeing them limits the quality of any advice you might read here. 

I would want to assure that you are not having a surgical complication, such as seroma or hematoma that is causing this. Either can be treated without redoing the entire procedure. 

If the procedure was not properly planned or carried out, it may well be that a good outcome will require redoing the surgery.

Please consider reposting your question with photos.  Thanks, all the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Swollen ledge above mini tummy tuck incision can persist

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I am sorry to hear of your experience.  The swollen flap of skin above your tummy tuck incision can be caused by many different things. Swelling, fluid collection or seroma, or excess fat left beneath the skin during closure all may cause this problem.  In addition scar contraction of the incision itself may pull upward and allow skin to fall over the incision.

One month is too early for intervention but I suggest you consult a board certified plastic surgeon near you for examination, diagnosis and recommendation.

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