Normal Swelling or Capsular Contracture?

Had my implants redone,with capsulectomy.. It feels soft after 1st surgery.The 3rd day my right side kind got bumped hard .It has been 10 days and some for reason the right side feels tender and swollen.Eventhought the tenderness on the rt is more then the one on the left.I'm afraid something went wrong. Is it because of the surgery, because it got bumped, or am I getting another capsular contraction???Dr told me to massage I've been doing it but i still feel pain..Any advise please..

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10 days out of surgery you are still swollen.

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Make sure you are following all of the post operative instructions.  You must be patient because you are still swollen from the surgery.  Share your concerns with your PS at your post op appointments. 

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Revision breast surgery

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When patients under go revision breast surgery, if a capsulectomy is performed, there is often a fair amount of pain involved post-op.  If it is severe, you may want to discuss this with your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Revision breast surgery for capsular contracture

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At 10 days it is far too early to develop a recurrence of capsular contracture. Secondly, post-op swelling after a contracture revision is usually quite significant. I am not sure what you mean by "bumped," but if you have developed new redness and pain since that incident, it is worth seeing your surgeon to evaluate you for a possible hematoma. Continue to comply with your surgeon's postoperative instructions and if you have concerns, by all means schedule a follow up appointment.

David Bogue, MD
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Higher risk of CC with past history of CC

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Your risk of recurrent casular contracture is higher than the average patient- but at this short time period post-op, its likely you are experiencing post-operative swelling, rather than early capsular contracture. Stop by and visit your plastic surgeon and get his/her opinion.

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