Is It Normal to Be Swelling a Month After a Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty? (photo)

I had a lower eyelid blepharoplasty done on the 9th of august 2013. A month after the surgery I still seem to be having a big eye bag under my left eye, very much like it used to be, plus two lumps, one of them quite hard. Also, the bruises on the upper part of my cheeks have turned into dark patches which don't seem to go. My question is whether the eyebag is not an eyebag but just swelling which will hopefully wear off with time, or is there a possibility the eye bag has "returned" to stay?

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Swelling a month later

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can occur but does that swelling increase in size when pressure is placed on your closed lid?  If so, its fat.  Also, it depends on how your lower lid blepharoplasty was done... arcus release or fat removal?  Since you're only a month out, keep our surgeon abreast of your concerns so it can be addressed when you are considered healed.

Lower lid blepharoplasty

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While it may represent swelling, it may also be a fatty deposit that was not adequately treated.  Best to give it time.

Is It Normal to Be Swelling a Month After a Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty?

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Sorry to say it appears as residual fat deposit but if you were after 3 months we could be very sure it is NOT swelling. Best to obtain IN PERSON second opinions. 

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