Is It Normal to Begin Swelling After 3 Months of Chin Implant?

I had chin augmentation through the mouth 3 months ago. I didn't swell up much after surgery and had basically no numbness. But about two weeks ago the sides of my jaw around my molars started swelling. One side has gone down but the oher is really swollened. It is really tender to the touch. I look much worst now than after surgery. What can be wrong? Is there anything I can do to make the inflamation go down?

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Swelling and Tenderness 3 Months after Chin Implant Placement

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Swelling and tenderness 3 months after chin implant placement is not normal. See your surgeon to evaluate you and rule out an infection around the implant. I don't do chin augmentation through the mouth any longer because there is an increased risk of infection despite the fact that you can avoid a skin incision. Another possible cause of your symptoms is dental inflammation or infection.

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Tenderness and swelling 3 months after Chin Implant surgery could be due to an infection.

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Infection of a silastic, rubberized silicone, chin implant is uncommon and may occur in less than 5% of procedures. You should call and visit your surgeon as soon as possible for evaluation. You may benefit from antibiotics. Sometimes infected implants may need to be removed.

It's unclear why infection could occur 3 months after an uneventful surgery. Sometimes this may occur from trauma or from an infection in your lower teeth.

Hope this is helpful for you.

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