What is Normal Swelling After Fraxel Dual Restore?

I had 4 treatments with Fraxel Dual and I ended up being very swollen for the next to to three days, it was quite bad around eyes especally. Is this kind of swelling normal? My settings were: Fraxel 1550, Total 3.12kJ= 20 mJ @ level 6 x 4 passes Fraxel 1927, Total 1.77kJ = 10mJ @ Level 7 x 4 passes Fraxel 1550, total 3.24kJ =30 mJ@ Level 6 x 4 passes Fraxel 1927. total 1.55kJ= 10mJ@ Level 7 x 4 passes 1550 30MJ @ Level 6 x 8 passes, Total 5.46KJ 1927 10MJ @ Level 3 x 2 passes Total 0.11KJ

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Fraxel Dual and Swelling

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Swelling is the variable in many facial treatments which are commonly performed and is often related to how your body responds to injury in general.  For example if you feel like you swell a lot when you have other types of injuries to your body, you can most likely expect that your face will respond in a similar fashion.  Regardless, Fraxel Dual is ALWAYS accompanied with some degree of swelling and the eyelids and periorbital area are always the worst as the deep tissue layers are very loose and allow the fluid to readily collect here.  Your settings with each treatment were very typical.  In my practice experience the swelling usually persists 4-7 days with gradual improvement during that time frame.  

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